Don’t run any Facebook™ ad until you Read this

Don’t run any Facebook™ ad until you Read this

If you have ever thought of running Facebook™ ads or If you are already running ads and losing money, then this article is the best thing that could have happened to you. 🙂

Yeah, I mean it.

After working with more than 50 Clients and managing thousands of Dollars in Ad Budget, I realize most of the people who fail in Facebook™ marketing do the same stuff.

Most of them drive traffic either to their product page or contacts us page. ( You can call this “Book a call with us” kind of page).

Are you also doing this?

Let me know, I will not share this with anyone.


You know, sending people to Product Page/contact us page directly hardly converts.

But why?

That’s kinda good question.

To explain this, Let me ask you a question.

Shall I?

You just gave me a go ahead, Right?

Thank You

Do you buy products from companies you don’t trust?

Do you do business with companies you don’t trust?

I bet you don’t.

So how could you expect your prospects to do business with you when they don’t trust you.?

They are like, who is this dude?

You are kinda stranger to them.

You first need to win their trust and then request them to do business with you.

I will discuss the ways to win trust in another post.

So keep coming here 🙂

Now, coming back to our main point.

Here are the things that you must follow to build and run a successful Facebook™ campaign.

1) Funnel: In Simple terms, a funnel is basically the process to filter out your prospects.

We can also call it the journey of the buyer.

You need to build a Great funnel to move people from unaware stage to Awareness to Consideration to Conversion.

Give this a thought.

Just imagine showing your product to people who already know you and have seen your brand multiple times. Let’s call them Customer 1.

You just imagined this, right?


Now imagine showing your product to people who are seeing you for the first time? Let’s call them Customer 2.

Now tell me, who is more likely to buy your product.

You said Customer 1. Right?


This is the power of the funnel. It lets you show your content to the most interested people.

Now let’s talk about the second most important thing you need to do to run a successful Facebook™ ad.

2) Audience Research
Before You start running your Facebook ad, you need to spend a lot of time in researching your audience.

You have to find out the following about your ideal customer:
Magazines they read
Facebook Pages they like
Influencers they follow
Groups they are part of
Their field of education

Hey, Deepak, that sounds cool however How can I find these things?

Do I need to stalk people?

No, No.. Just go to google and type “your Keyword” + forum and bang, You will see a list of the forums where your ideal customer hangs out.

For example: Let’s say you are targeting Bodybuilding market.

By the way, this is a great market to be in.

Go to google and type: “Bodybuilding forum”. You will see a list of forums. Just go to these forums and read what your prospects are talking about.

You can also use Facebook audience insights to find out these cool things.

Now you have a Solid funnel in place and you know dreams and desires of your audience.

Let’s move to the 3rd important thing.

3) Your Ad
Now you need to write a good great awesome ad copy.

Facebook ad copy

You can not run a successful Facebook Ad without a Great ad copy. Period.

We have done most of our work in the last step.

Remember we researched the Pain, problem etc of our ideal clients.

To write a Good copy, you can follow this formula: PEHPPC

P is for Pain
E is for Escalate Pain
H is for Hope
P is for Present your solution
P is Prove your solution works
C is Call to action

4) Your landing page

Your landing page plays an important role in converting your prospects into your buyers/clients.

On your landing page again you need to Talk about the things your prospect is most interested in.

Show them how you have helped others in succeeding and how you can help them too.

Present lot of proofs ( As many as you can) that your product/system works.

I hope that you have you a clear idea now on how you can create a great and highly successful ad.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below 🙂

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