Facebook ad objectives selection can sometimes be very tricky. After reading this post you’ll know everything you need to know about Facebook Ad objectives. How many ad objectives does Facebook have? Facebook has total 11 Ad objectives. They have divided the Ad objectives into 3 categories.   Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. The most important thing to remember with Facebook ads is continue reading
Why Digital marketing is important
If you run or manage a business then, I am certain, you understand how important Marketing is to grow your business. In today's time, you have two options to market your product. Option No. 1) Using traditional medium like Newspaper, Tv, Radio, Posters etc. Option No. 2) Using Digital Marketing to market your business Option No. 1 has traditionally continue reading
If you are looking to understand what Facebook pixel is, what it does and how to set it up, then you are at the right place. In this Guide, I will cover everything about Facebook Pixel. So Let's start. What is Facebook Pixel? Facebook Pixel is a small piece of a JavaScript code. It helps Facebook in Tracking data like: A) continue reading
How to make successful Facebook ads
If you have ever thought of running Facebook™ ads or If you are already running ads and losing money, then this article is the best thing that could have happened to you. 🙂 Yeah, I mean it. After working with more than 50 Clients and managing thousands of Dollars in Ad Budget, I realize most of the continue reading
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